NEWBITS Webinar: Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) modelling to support decision-making in the context of European ITS initiatives

This webinar gives you a comprehensive insight into the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) conducted for decision-making in investments, providing an ex-ante assessment of policy options on the basis of the lessons learned through the detailed analysis of the four case studies underpinning the EU-funded project NEWBITS – New Business Models for Intelligent Transport Systems. The CBA aims at supporting the development of business case guidelines, key performance indicators and success factors for ITS services in Europeand comprises of the following steps for the four individual case studies:

  1. Conducting a cost-benefit analysis for each of the four case studies to gain an understanding of the non-/monetary benefits of the individual projects as well as the strategies for their implementation
  2. Describing each business case by following a common business case template
  3. Designing a set of ITS business case guidelines with the potential to inform decision-making in future European ITS initiatives

The first part of the webinar is dedicated to the underlying methodology, the second part deals with the application of this method to the four individual NEWBITS case studies.

What you will learn:

  • Find out how to use a CBA approach to craft new business guidelines for ITS services
  • Learn how to apply the methodology step-by-step in practice 

This webinar is considered of special interest to:

  • Executives working in organisations / companies related to ITS businesses
  • Executives working in regional / local development focused on mobility issues
  • Academics related to ITS, new business models and collaborative business models
  • Transport and logistic consultants

You can view the webinar here: