Project Plan

NEWBITS project will be articulated in three (3) phases where five (5) Support work packages (WPs) are included and one (1) horizontal WP (WP7) dedicated to dissemination, data management and promotion. WP1, also horizontal, will be devoted to Project Management and implemented throughout the 3 phases.


The two first phases will be devoted to Data gathering and analysis (Phase1) and Network Business modelling (Phase 2), with WP6 running in parallel and acting as a key element of the NEWBITS network-oriented approach. Both phases will feed the third phase, the learning formalization and recommendation elaboration.

WP2: identify & map relevant C-ITS initiatives EU/US, barriers to implement them and analyze relevant KPIs
WP3: comprehensive analysis of market (case studies), user preferences (conjoint analysis), benchmark analysis EU-US
WP4: research new business models for C-ITS, develop business models via VNA
WP5: formalize new business models and elaborate recommendations
WP6: ensure network approach in business modelling via Cols and Network platform
WP7: disseminate