While the general view in the past years has been that ITS in general would provide a revolutionary change in the efficiency and safety of transport, the truth is that many of the most promising C-ITS applications have failed to make it beyond trial phases. In order to support increased commercially sustainable C-ITS deployments, there is a need to develop sound, adaptive and innovative business models for the actors along the C-ITS value chain, identifying potential incentives to accelerate deployment and limit the impact of a “last mover advantage” approach. Moreover, since ITS are questioning the way transport innovation is developed, there is the need to define new collaboration models, building sufficient confidence for the private and public stakeholders to invest steadily.

NEWBITS acknowledges this situation and proposes to apply a network-oriented approach in order to better define the C-ITS scenario and be able to assess truly effective value creation propositions from a dynamic system perspective.

The NEWBITS project is built on the belief that better information leads to better decision-making. Organizations nowadays are still working in silos not effectively feeding each other with knowledge and basically not “seeing” each other as parts of an interconnected ecosystem. In order to enable stakeholders to learn from each other and build a common pool of knowledge, resulting in decisions that are most valuable to the system, shared tools and methods are needed.

Thus, the project will foster a business ecosystem approach for C-ITS which acknowledges the context of economics of networks by introducing a higher conceptual level than that of individual organisations, focusing at how organisations create value within the context of the networks in which they interoperate.

The consortium will design and implement a holistic intelligence process that will map the C-ITS ecosystem (initiatives, projects, actors), identify C-ITS enablers and barriers, investigating existing key performance indicators, and gathering relevant information on products, market, demand, stakeholder’s involvement and innovation diffusion for C-ITS.

NEWBITS will formalise the enhanced understanding of the potential system benefits and fundamental economics of new business models suited to C-ITS in the European context, and develop relevant outcomes to support policy measures towards C-ITS deployment.