NEWBITS Webinar: Developing innovative business models for ITS applications using a Value Network Approach

This webinar gives you a comprehensive insight into the tailor-made “Value Network Approach” (VNA), which has been evolved within NEWBITS. The Value Network Approach (VNA) aims at supporting the development of innovative business models for ITS services in Europe and combines three methods:

  • gathering stakeholders, and motivating them to cooperate;
  • identifying where value lies within a business network, and how it’s delivered throughout the network;
  • crafting value propositions and business models, and in addition via a cost-benefit analysis gaining an understanding of the monetary indicators of an ITS service.

This integrated methodology’s focus is on the value creation within a distinct network and applies the business ecosystem concept as a broader understanding of the roles and functions of network’s actors.

The first part of the webinar is dedicated to the underlying method, the second part deals with the application of this method, using a carpooling service in Spain as a concrete example. 

What you will learn:

  • Find out how to use a value-network-based approach to craft new business models for ITS services.
  • Learn how to apply the methodology step-by-step in practice.

This webinar is considered of special interest to:

  • Executives working on organisations / companies related to ITS businesses
  • Executives working on regional / local development focused on mobility issues
  • Academics related to ITS, new business models and collaborative business models
  • Transport and logistic consultants


You can view the webinar here: