1st meeting, Delft 8th-9th February 2017

NEWBITS partners met in the city of Delft, where CEDelft hosted the first project meeting from 8th until 9th of February.

The NEWBITS project meeting was opened with the welcome speeches of CEDelft CEO, Mr. Frans Rooijers and the NEWBITS Project Coordinator, Mr. Xavier Leal  (Ortelio Ltd). The main aim of the meeting was the discussion on on-going status and methodology design for WP2 in order to ensure a complete mapping of the C-ITS context.

As an essential part of Work Package 2, partners discussed on key on-going activities such as the analysis of the case studies, the identification, mapping & categorization of relevant ITS and C-ITS initiatives, the assessment of existing Key Performance Indicators and barriers for the implementation of C-ITS and the development of a taxonomy for the validated case studies.

The partners continued with technical discussions around the initiation of the Market Research Analysis in Work Package 3, and the formalization of the NEWBITS Communities of Interest being defined in Work Package 6 as key enabler of the project’ implementation. The high level of interconnectivity between all project tasks was highlighted, as well as the need to count with a sound communication amongst partners. Partners agreed to maximize the existing Management and Dissemination tools, as well as enhance the underlying network based assumption of the project for raising awareness and engaging relevant stakeholders.

The consortium agreed to advance the second meeting in Thessaloniki, to be organized by INTELSPACE, to the first week of June 2017.

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