Kick-off Meeting, Coventry 12th-13th October

In the 12th and 13th of October the kick-off meeting of the NEWBITS project took place at The Simulation Centre of the Technocentre in Coventry, UK. The NEWBITS project (New Business models for Intelligent Transport Systems) was recently approved for funding in the frame of the European Research Programme «Horizon 2020».

Aiming at providing with a deep understanding of the changing conditions and dynamics that affect and influence C-ITS innovations, NEWBITS will initially identify and map relevant C-ITS initiatives in the EU and US, identifying enablers and barriers and analysing Key Performance Indicators. Following a comprehensive market and demand analysis upon a number of case studies, NEWBITS will research for new business models in C-ITS, which will be formalized and be the base for recommendations to improve the deployment of C-ITS innovations.

The project consortium consists of 9 partners, coming from 6 different EU countries (UK, NL, GR, DE, SP, IT) including national ITS association and EU level innovation networks, C-ITS service providers operating world-wide, as well as research based institutions and specialized consultancies involved in the fields of Transport and ITS, marketing research, policy analysis and innovation management.

Ortelio Ltd acts as NEWBITS Project Coordinator.