Communities of Interest (CoIs) for the advancement of new collaborative business models of C-ITS products and services – NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP)

26th June 2018 – 16:00 CET | 15:00 GMT | 10:00 EDT

Collaboration is a key factor for success in an interconnected and digitalised world. A ‘Community of Interest’ (CoI)is an exchanging accumulation of different stakeholders, which share common goals, interests and/or environments. CoIs can create a momentum to drive the development of important topics like intelligent transport systems (ITS).

This webinar introduces four ITS-related CoIs, which are established within the EU-funded project NEWBITS – New Business Models for Intelligent Transport Systems. They form around specific ITS aspects and can be distinguished according to the following applications:

  • Sustainable intercity mobility
  • Efficient traffic management systems
  • Synchromodal solutions for goods transport on water
  • Predictive maintenance solutions for rail

The successful operation of the CoIs will be supported through the NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP). Performance-enhancing functionalities, tools and features of the NNP will be presented during this webinar.

This webinar is considered of special interest to:

  • Executives working on organisations / companies related to ITS
  • Executives working on regional / local development focused on mobility issues
  • Academics related to ITS, new business models and collaborative business models

A fundamental knowledge base regarding ITS and business models will be helpful for the maximum utilisation of the webinars input.