Unveiling the Potential of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Applications and Services in Europe

25th June 2018 – 16:00 CET | 15:00 GMT | 10:00 EDT

Building on a market research study, this webinar, as the first in a series of four webinars, presents results from a conjoint analysis (a statistical marketing research technique) discussing which elements of an ITS service are key for the potential user of the service in addition to the market insights gained through a thorough investigation of selected ITS markets in Europe. Thus, it discusses how to unveil the potential of the ITS by presenting detailed information from four explored ITS applications and services which were analysed within the EU-funded project NEWBITS – New Business Models for Intelligent Transport Systems.

All four ITS services presented are actual close-to-market solutions, and have been carefully selected and validated as representatives for the current ITS market in Europe, covering all ITS market segments(ATIS, ATMS, ATPS, APTS, CVS) and different transport modes(road, rail, inland waterways).

The four ITS services discussed comprise a:

  • Carpooling service in Spain- an example of the sharing economy collaborative consumption, where the platform matches users to vehicles to reduce unnecessary trips
  • Urban traffic control solution in Italy – an example of the ‚Internet of Things’ (IoT) smart city’s C-ITS platform to monitor drivers’ behaviour and forecast
  • Synchromodal ITS container tracking service in the Netherlands – an example of how smart data analytics and real-time information can improve the logistic chain
  • Predictive maintenance solution for railway safety in the United Kingdom – an example of big data analytics and visualisation service of infrastructure assets to avoid unplanned repairs

This webinar is considered of special interest to:

  • Executives working on organisations / companies related to ITS businesses
  • Executives working on regional / local development focused on mobility issues
  • Academics related to ITS, new business models and collaborative business models
  • Transport and Llogistics consultants