New business models for ITS workshop

New business models for ITS workshop took place at Casa Convalescència in Barcelona on Thursday, 22nd March 2018.

This joint event presented all four case studies that form the evidence-basis of NEWBITS project. It summarised the results of the Value Network Approach (WP4) that began with running surveys in December 2017 and assessed the unique value propositions and business model definitions suggested by the local stakeholders in a number of workshops.

In more details, all individuals who completed the value flow questionnaires in December possessed an in-depth understanding of their local network and a fairly broad knowledge of the industry. Each individual assigned scores to every value flows in accordance with their interpretation of the importance. However, each scorer did not have detailed knowledge about the specific needs of each of the stakeholders. Therefore, once the combined set of value flow scores was calculated, we consulted with representatives of different groups of stakeholders at a local level (Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK). That’s how we determined the pre- and post- validation relative ranks of all value flows. During the joint event in Barcelona, 22nd of March 2018, NEWBITS WP4 asked the external experts present at the discussions to evaluate the rankings of the value flows to provide their professional validation of the flow scores. To avoid any confusion with the model, we did not ask them to validate the absolute combined numeric scores, but only the ranks.