3rd NEWBITS project meeting
The second meeting of NEWBITS project was hosted by INTELSPACE in the city of Thessaloniki during the 7th and 8th of June 2017. NEWBITS partners focused on deploying the process of validation for the case studies as key enablers of the upcoming activities of the project. As a result, 3 case […]

2nd meeting, Thessaloniki 7th-8th June 2017

NEWBITS partners met in the city of Delft, where CEDelft hosted the first project meeting from 8th until 9th of February. The NEWBITS project meeting was opened with the welcome speeches of CEDelft CEO, Mr. Frans Rooijers and the NEWBITS Project Coordinator, Mr. Xavier Leal  (Ortelio Ltd). The main aim of […]

1st meeting, Delft 8th-9th February 2017

In the 12th and 13th of October the kick-off meeting of the NEWBITS project took place at The Simulation Centre of the Technocentre in Coventry, UK. The NEWBITS project (New Business models for Intelligent Transport Systems) was recently approved for funding in the frame of the European Research Programme «Horizon […]

Kick-off Meeting, Coventry 12th-13th October